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Osteopathic European Academic Network
Straße Frimbergergasse 6
PLZ 1130
Ort Wien
Land Österreich
Tel. +43-1-879 38 26-49
Leitung President: Rob Muts, BSc D.O.; Vice-President: Raimund A. Engel, MSc D.O.; Secretary: Jöry Pauwels, MSc. D.O.; Treasurer: Dr. Alessio Iacopini, MSc. D.O.; Members: Melanie Coutinho, BSc. D.O.; Franck Cimala, D.O.; Carmine Castagna, BSc (Hons) Ost D.O.
Anzahl Mitglieder 30
Gegenstand "OSEAN is composed of like-minded osteopathic educational institutions with a common mission which may be summarised as follows:

?To develop a rigorous and standardised model of osteopathic education throughout Europe
?To provide a common European representation of schools in a time of emerging European standards
?To foster collaboration and innovation among its member schools in various areas including administration, education, research and service.
?To establish and develop common research streams
?To develop active scientific, academic and professional communication links ? essential for the development of osteopathy, both as an independent, clearly identifiable profession, and in its relationship with other professions in the health care sector
?To achieve academic recognition for osteopathy in all countries
?To establish high academic teaching standards by making sure that osteopathic lecturers are trained in education
Conceived by Renzo Molinari, DO, the former Principal of the European School of Osteopathy, OSEAN is now incorporated as a non-profit organisation in Vienna, Austria.

All OSEAN schools hold the tenet that Osteopathic Training should be degree validated programme at an MSc level as a precursor to the attainment of admission to practice-life. Therefore all schools strive for an academic partnership with a university to obtain that goal.
Currently such partnerships exist with the University of Greenwich (UK), University of Wales (UK) and the Danube University Krems (Austria), cooperations with several other Universities are in the stage of preparation."
Ziele "OSEAN recognizes the existing standard that is proposed by the ?WHO Guidelines on basic training and safety in Osteopathy?. This document presents just a minimum standard, however.
OSEAN pursues a standard of excellence as it is adequate for Osteopathy as a high quality, primary contact profession. The OSEAN schools strive for an academic cooperation with Universities to assure the highest possible quality in Osteopathic Education.The level of a Masters degree is regarded as the academic equivalent of this pursued level of excellence.

In defining educational programs it is preferable to focus on outcomes, as encouraged by the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area, however it is also useful to indicate what might be a suitable duration for an osteopaths? program:

A. Full time training

This type of training is offered for people with no prior medical training. Entrance criteria will typically be A-level (UK), Bac Science (FR), Abitur (DE) or equivalent.

Typically five years of full time studies (an equivalent of 300 ECTS points) should lead to a Masters degree in osteopathy.

B. Conversion courses for people from other health professions

As an alternative to full time training, conversion courses for people from other health professions can be offered, typically for physicians or physiotherapists. Based on their prior medical training, students of these conversion courses should reach the same level of excellence and the same academic degree as graduates from full time courses.
Five years is regarded as a suitable minimum duration for this type of program.

The model above represents OSEAN?s vision for the future of Osteopathic Education in Europe, recognizing that the member schools do not fulfill the criteria yet at the present moment."
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