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European Federation of Osteopaths
Ort Strasbourg
Land Frankreich
Leitung Präsident Jonathan Bailey-Teyletche; Vorstandsmitglieder: Richard Weynen D.O., Alex Boon, Thierry Camaill, Eric Gery, Schatzmeister Dimitri Boulenger , D.O.
Anzahl Mitglieder 21 Landesverbände
Ziele The EFO aims to promote and regulate the education and deontology of the osteopathic profession.

(Charta:) The EFO shall coordinate all efforts by professional associations of D.O. to gain legal recognition of osteopathy in each EU member country.
It will propose draft criteria for professional practice, a professional code of ethics and minimal training standards for all EU countries.
It will stimulate consultation among all EU countries in order to promote the creation of a European Academy of Osteopathy, which would be autonomous and independent of the EFO. It will act as spokesperson for European osteopaths D.O. with the Commission of the European Communities and the European Parliament. It will avoid undue interference into national policies concerning the profession. The European Federation of Osteopaths also wishes to see other osteopathic organizations support their actions and participate in their efforts to be recognized and to have the freedom to practice their art.
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