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Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe
Straße 176 Tower Bridge Road
Ort London SE1 3LU
Land UK
Tel. + 44 (0) 207 357 6655 x245
Anzahl Mitglieder ca. 26 Landesverbände
Gegenstand ?FORE promotes excellence and public protection both at national and European levels. acts as a reference point for any party (osteopaths, educational institutions, Governments and public) seeking unbiased and reliable information on osteopathic regulation across Europe. participates actively in policy development, at European level, with a focus on patient protection and professional mobility, proactively exchanges information on registration matters, fitness to practise issues, training standards and codes of conduct across Europe (European database of osteopathic regulators), Supports regulation of osteopathy as an autonomous healthcare profession in those European countries where this does not currently exist, thereby improving patient access to osteopathic care.?
Ziele ?Our aim is to ensure that European citizens receive safe and effective osteopathic care by providing excellence in: Codes of Conduct, Standards of Practice, Standards of Education and Training, Continuous Professional Development, Proactive information exchange between Registers / Competent Authorities.?
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